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What Pramiracetam Is and How It Can Help You

Pramiracetam is synthetically derived from piracetam, the first lab manufactured nootropic however, it is more potent. Pramiracetam has been subjected to numerous extensive studies to discover its potential for treating memory loss and cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury, and also as a way of treating different central nervous system disorders. It has been clinically proven to boost cognition in young adults suffering from memory problems as well as improving memory in healthy, elderly adults suffering from memory loss. Anecdotal evidence points to the effectiveness of Pramiracetam in optimising overall brain function and increasing productivity and focus, making it a go to option for students seeking to enhance their mental abilities. In the US, the USFDA has not approved Pramiracetam for any specific use, meaning it is unregulated and can be legally purchased and used.

Pramiracetam can be classified as a nootropic, created with the specific aim of enhancing overall cognition, with benefits such as; improve learning capacity, improved memory, dementia treatment and social fluency just to name a few.

Over several decades, extensive testing on both animals and clinical trials on young adults suffering from cognitive impairment brought about by brain injuries, have revealed that Pramiracetam is very effective in enhancing memory. Pramiracetam enhances memory by simultaneously working as an effective anti-amnesic, which minimises forgetfulness and hippocampus stimulation, to create new memories. The dual effectiveness makes Pramiracetam a good memory booster, with most users reporting tremendous improvement in speed of recall, a claim that can be backed by animal studies.

Pramiracetam is famous for its cognitive enhancing abilities that increase alertness and boosts learning capacity, making it an excellent choice for students looking for a reliable study aid. According to studies conducted on animals, Pramiracetam has been documented to increase learning and improve memory by increasing neuronal type activity in the hippocampus.

Trials conducted on individuals with primary degenerative dementia reveal that Pramiracetam reversed amnesia, consequently reducing forgetfulness and enhancing recall. Studies seeking to measure the effects of racetam nootropics including Pramiracetam concluded that patients with mild-moderation dementia experienced significant improvements in memory and cognition. The ability of the nootropic to enhance existing neurotransmitters can explain the results achieved in part. While Pramiracetam has not gotten approval as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in the US, it is often prescribed as a treatment for dementia and other neurological disorders and issues related to Alzheimer’s disease in Europe.

While no documented research exists, Pramiracetam has been reported by most users to improve their social fluency and conversational creativity.

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